Nanofiber Spinning Technology

NanoSpider™ technology from HemCon Medical Technologies, Inc. is a unique nanofiber process which revolutionizes the creation, speed and accuracy with which nanofibers are manufactured, bringing scalability, flexibility and precise layering techniques to the field of industrial scale production.

The NanoSpider™ technology allows multiple fibers to be created and spun together in both simple or complex layering configurations to offer greater industrial scale manufacturing opportunities, reduced product costs and increased efficacy and improved absorption capabilities for a variety of medical products, to improve patient safety, and provide better delivery systems for care.
Benefits of the NanoSpiderTM Technology
         Unique manufacturing application provides:
          Controlled rate of absorption
          Significant cost reduction
          Efficiencies through unique all-in-one manufacturing platform
        Scalable industrial production with ultimate flexibility options for:
          Complex layering combinations
          Vapor transport
          Fiber dimensions
          Surface area
          Product widths
          Various production speeds

As an exclusive partner within the global field of wound care, HemCon provides product development scale up, design transfer expertise and the transfer of technology for products utilizing Elmarco's proprietary NanoSpider manufacturing platform.

NanoSpider™ Technology Flyer