Just like needs, creative solutions are limitless.
As a company, HemCon Medical Technologies, Inc. strives to match creative solutions with the needs of our customers.  Many of these developments form new technological platforms on which products evolve within our minds and labs.  With each new need we see comes a creative solution - an equation we work to keep in balance.
 Infection Control Technology
Infection Control Technology
will allow new antibacterial and 
antiseptic treatments to be 
created and administered
safely and effectively.
 Nanofiber Spinning Technology
NanoSpiderTM  is a nanofiber spinning technology to offer both
a scale and efficacy to a range of products.
 Lyophilization Technology
Lyophilization is a freeze-drying
platform to create unique, 
efficaceous medical solutions.
 PAGA Technology
PAGA is a particle 
manufacturing process
offering a wide spectrum 
of industries the opportunity to 
include enhancements to their products.