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Powerful Antibacterial Barrier
HemCon Bandages provide a strong antibacterial barrier against MRSA, VRE, acinetobacter baumanii and other dangerous antibiotic resistant organisms.
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HemCon for bleeding control post wound debridement

There are approximately 6 million chronic wounds each year in the U.S. and these chronic wounds such as diabetic ulcers, pressure sores, and venous stasis ulcers often present necrotic eschar requiring aggressive debridement to reach healthy, sterile tissue, which can cause moderate to severe bleeding.

HemCon Medical Technologies, Inc. offers a full line of hemostatic dressings ideal for wounds prone to acute bleeding post mechanical and surgical debridement. The dressings quickly stop a range of bleeding caused by wound debridement – from oozing to severe arterial, while also providing an antibacterial barrier that may decrease the risk of infection. In addition, HemCon dressings are effective on patients who are anticoagulated providing a pervasive solution across patient populations.

Cost-effective HemCon dressings enable medical staff to provide fast, effective bed-side care avoiding costly operating room debridement sessions and help avoid the tissue damage from cauterization, or costly suture ligation or vessel coagulation to assist your patient with their recovery.

Learn more about the Northwestern University Hospital staff experience with the HemCon bandages post wound debridement.

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