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HemCon: A pioneer in battlefield hemostasis.
In 2009, in response to field requirements, HemCon has introduced a next generation hemostatic device: ChitoGauzeTM. This uniquely fabricated chitosan impregnated gauze dressing offers fast and reliable hemostasis provides flexibility at the point of care and continues delivering the best possible patient care when it is most needed.
The development story is one on which lasting relationships are forged. Beginning in 2001, HemCon Medical Technologies, Inc. partnered with the U.S. Army to design a hemostatic dressing that would save the lives of soldiers who suffered hemorrhaging on the battlefield, far from medical care that could save them. Our brave soldiers needed a quick solution to stop bleeding and allow for transport to critical care units. The HemCon Bandage with its antibacterial barrier was born from need.
In 2003, the HemCon Bandages began shipping to troops fighting in OEF and OIF. We’ve shipped over one million dressings and have had no adverse effects reported to date. HemCon Bandages are credited with continuing to save lives on the battlefield and therefore remain a the top choice hemorrhage control dressing for the Armed Forces worldwide.

Our pledge to those who serve and protect our lives is one of dedication and continued technological advancement to bring more soldiers home alive.