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Review a poster presentation on how HemCon was successfully used to stop severe bleeding in several trauma cases by the Paramedics of Magen David Adom (MDA), the Israeli national EMS system. Learn More
Typical ED & Trauma Response Time - STAT

The never-sleeping emergency and trauma departments are required to maintain top quality care at record speed for patients and need to be ready for any emergency. Amidst the chaos, a product that can address many wounds will help more care to get to more people. That product is the HemCon line of hemostatic wound dressings.

Designed with front line response time in mind, HemCon® Bandages and ChitoFlex™ dressings are at home in civilian emergency and trauma departments. Whether the patient has been in a car accident with liver lacerations needing damage control surgery, taken a fall and has a deep laceration, or lost a hemodialysis access port, the HemCon Bandage is a versatile antibacterial companion to all medical professionals and Rapid Response teams. With the ability to handle even the most severe bleeding, HemCon puts time in your hands as you assess their complete condition and route the patient safely to surgery or elsewhere. With the ability to stop bleeding within 2-5 minutes, HemCon is doing its share to keep the emergency and trauma departments moving at their top speed for healing.