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The Hemostatic ChitoFlex® Dressing
Just as the hemostatic HemCon® Bandage provides a patient with the time needed to either reach care or the critical time to clot, ChitoFlex from HemCon Medical Technologies, Inc. provides the same life-saving technology but in a unique stuffable strip form.  In a variety of lengths, each piece of ChitoFlex, whether roll or strip, provides the medical professional with a solution that is quick-acting, natural, localized and effective when applied to a wound.
Created with the same efficacy as the HemCon Bandages, ChitoFlex is easy to apply, and is effective in 2-5 minutes to stop even the most severe bleeding.

Available Sizes: 
1 x 3 inch   |   3 x 9 inch   |   3 x 28 inch