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Contemporary Pediatrics: Nosebleeds - a tissue-free way to plug up nasal passages Tax on medical device makers will hurt jobs, patients
Can New Hemostatic Dressings Facilitate Sharp Debridement In High-Risk Patients? HemCon Medical Technologies, Inc. Announces Promising Results from Live Nail Infection Anti-Fungal Study Technology Platform Offers Tested Solution to Fungal Care Market.
HemCon Medical Technologies, Inc. Announces Promising Results from Live Nail Infection Anti-Fungal Study Technology Platform Offers Tested Solution to Fungal Care Market. Technology Platform Offers Tested Solution to Fungal Care Market
 HemCon Medical Technologies today announced preliminary data resulting from an independent study to treat Onychomycosis, a common fungal nail infections.

Sipsey Street Irregulars: Praxis: The Use of Hemostatic Dressings  Beyond the Battlefield - The Use of Hemostatic Dressings in Civilian EMS Battlefield death rates cut in half
 British battlefield casualties have been almost halved by radical new changes implemented by medics.   The latest Ministry of Defence figures show that the death rate on the front line in Afghanistan has dropped from almost a quarter dying from their wounds to one in eight. College puts bee in business with its 'miracle' honey
  An IRISH college has discovered there's money in honey.  Sligo Institute of Technology has just signed a licensing agreement with a leading American company following research it conducted into manuka honey -- believed to have unique healing powers.  Now HemCon plans to use the discovery for wound care, control of hospital-acquired infections and oral hygiene applications.  It's also looking at other uses such as teeth whitening. Hemostatic Wound Dressings
  HemCon dressings control bleeding by becoming extremely adherent when in contact with blood. The bandages and dressings provide a barrier against harmful bacteria. The antibacterial barrier properties help prevent infection transmission to other patients and health care providers.

March 2009
World Pharma News - Pharmaceutical Business Review: Drug Discovery & Development - Medical News Today - HemCon Medical Technologies, Inc. Announces Improved Results From Live Nail Infection Study: Testing Continues to Validate Breakthrough Anti-Fungal Nail Treatment

Surgical Products Magazine - HemCon's Flexible Hemostatic Patch

Triangle Business Journal - HemCon Annonces Development Agreement for a sterile, single-use antibody capture device for the removal of isoagglutinin antibodies.

Fox Business & The Earth Times - HemCon Medical Technologies Inc. and ProMetic BioSciences Ltd Announce Collaborative Development Agreement

February 2009
HemCon Announces Further Successful Results from Live Nail Infection Anti-Fungal Study.
Promising Results from Live Nail Infection Anti-Fungal Study Technology Platform Offers Tested Solution to Fungal Care Market.
Promising Results from Live Nail Infection Anti-Fungal Study Technology Platform Offers Tested Solution to Fungal Care Market.
Technology Platform Offers Tested Solution to Fungal Care Market

Sipsey Street
Praxis: The Use of Hemostatic Dressings

December 2008
Portland Business Journal
Portland Business Journal Names HemCon one of Oregon’s Most Admired Companies – 2008
IT Sligo licenses platform technology to global medical tech group  
Global Medical Technologies group HemCon has put the Institute of Technology (IT), Sligo on the map in terms of third-level technology transfers to multinationals, having licensed a new platform technology from its School of Science.

November 2008
News Trends - Devices Represented on Inc.'s List of Fastest-Growing Companies  
HemCon Medical Technologies (Portland, OR), which makes bandages that control bleeding and infection for the healthcare industry, the Department of Defense, and first responders worldwide.

October 2008
HemCon Medical completes fungal nail infection study   HemCon Medical Technologies has completed two independent studies on its topical treatment of onychomycosis, a common fungal nail infection.
HemCon Medical Technologies, Inc. Announces Promising Results From Nail Anti-Fungal Study   HemCon Medical Technologies today announced the completion of two independent studies on its topical treatment of Onychomycosis, a common fungal nail infection.  The studies were conducted with a formulation based on HemCon's newest proprietary platform technology that provides a controlled release broad spectrum antifungal and antibacterial agent to fight infection.

August 2008 MRSA Watch
Better Bandages Batter Bugs
HemCon's bandages, created from a natural substance in shrimp shells called chitosan, stop bleeding - including extensive arterial bleeding - within two to five minutes.  The antibacterial barrier properties of the bandages help prevent infection transmission to other patients and health care providers and also make it easier for medical professionals to help prevent infections at incision site wounds.

July 2008
OR Today
HemCon Bandages and Dressings
Hemostatic HemCon bandges and ChitoFlex dressings offer medical professionals the tools to stop severe, arterial bleeding. These dressings provide life-saving hemostasis and an antibacterial barrier that is cost-effective, easy-to-apply and ready to use in perioperative situations.

Battle-tested Medicine
Dr. Allan Hawryluk was dreading the difficult hours ahead - his patient was on blood thinners, and bleeding uncontrollably following a tooth extraction.   Then he tried a sample of the HemCon Dental Dressing.  "The bleeding stopped completely and immediately," he said. " I just didn't believe it."  The HemCon Dental Dressing is just one of hundreds of advances and innovations  made or perfected for treatment of the wounded in battle that make their way into civillian health care.

April 2008
Acuity Care Technology
Wound Management Aids Infection Control
Silver can kill more than just werewolves, and honey can help cure more than a sore throat.  Shrimp help save soldiers.  Cardinal Health distributes the HemCon Bandage, which reportedly instantly stops bleeding in trauma patients using a shrimp shell-based dressing that gels on contact with blood.

Healthcare magazine
Battle-tested dressing available to medical professionals in new smaller sizes
ChitoFlex, a hemorrhage control dressing, is now available to acute care professionals in two new, smaller sizes, 1" x 3" and 3" x 9" strips.  HemCon's decision to expand the ChitoFlex product line is a direct result of feedback from medical professionals who desired additional product flexibility for varying wound sizes.
HemCon Awarded Medical Design Excellence Award by Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry (MD & DI) Magazine 4-7-08
Summary: HemCon Medical Technologies, Inc. receives the Medical Design Excellence Award for the revolutionary HemCon® Bandage in the category of Critical-care and emergency medicine products.

High-Tech Firms, Entrepreneurs Find Success
What do shrimp shells have to do with saving lives? A lot more than one might think, thanks to an innovative Portland company, HemCon Medical Technologies, Inc.

May 2008
Portland Business Journal
 Army enlists HemCon to develop plasma technology
HemCon Medical Technologies, Inc. has been chosen by the U.S. Army to develop, test and secure FDA approval for an injectable plasma product for resucitating traumatically injured soldiers.

Portland Business Journal
HemCon completes acquisition of Alltracel Pharmaceuticals
The purchase occurred through Castlerise Investments Ltd., a newly formed wholly owned subsidiary of HemCon. Alltracel will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of HemCon and maintain its headquarters in Dublin.  Combined revenue is expected to exceed $100 million.

Portland Business Journal
CFO of the Year Awards, Medium Private Company
Winner Mike Williams is lauded for ability to build relationships.  As the vice president of finance for HemCon Medical Technologies, Inc., Williams' job includes responsibility for accounting and financial services, information technologies, risk management and fixed assets.

Progressive Grocer
Ukrop's offers Mil-spec Bandages
Ukrop's Supermarkets, Inc. has taken consumer first aid to a new level with a new bandage offering made using blood-stopping technology found in bandages that the U.S. Army uses in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Managing Infection Control
Your healthcare facility is undoubtedly taking extensive steps to prevent and manage hospital-acquired infections, but when it comes to bleeding wounds and surgical incisions, are you doing enough?

March 2008
The Daily Record, Wooster, Ohio
Blood-Clotting Bandage a Good Addition to First Aid Kit
A new high-performance bandage made from the same blood-stopping technology the U.S. Army uses to save lives on the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq is now available to the public.

Portland Business Journal
Forty under 40 - Bright lights in our city

Summary: HemCon's very own bright light Nicole Elovitz is awarded with the 2008 Forty under 40 award by the PBJ for her professional accomplishments, community involvement and professional recognition.

Newsmax Magazine 26 Awesome Medical Breakthroughs
War's Wounded Help Create Innovations
Summary: A new type of bandage called HemCon uses the powdered shells of common shrimp to promote radically faster clotting.
From Combat to Construction
Summary: Blog from THE PRODUCT GUY  It has saved lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, and it's coming to a building site near you.

February 2008
Cath Lab Digest p.66
 HemCon Medical Technologies' Battle-Tested Bandages Called to Action in Hospitals
Summary: HemCon® Bandage and ChitoFlex® Dressings Improve Wound Care Solutions for Patients (go to page 66)

February 2008
HemCon to buy Irish company for 40.8M
Summary: HemCon Medical Technologies Inc. has announced plans to acquire the publicly traded Irish firm Alltracel Pharmaceuticals.

November 2007
UK Mirror
Prawns Save Our Soldiers
Summary: UK Military Surgeon General, Lieutenant General Louis Lillywhite, says that the HemCon bandages have resulted in a survival rate that’s better than anybody has ever achieved.

October 2007

Blessings From Baghdad: There's Power in the Blood
Summary: Blog from a soldier in Iraq that used a HemCon Bandage to save a life.

October 2007
The Northwestern
Affinity first in valley to use high-tech bandage.
Summary: Story on how Affinity Health System adopted the revolutionary hemorrhage control dressing for all its hospitals.

September 2007
Technical Rescue 50
Hemorrhage Control
Summary: Review of several hemorrhage control products.

September 2007
INC 500: The Handbook of American Entrepreneur
Here’s The Thing
Summary: HemCon is ranked 219 in America’s fastest growing private companies for innovative dressings.

August 2007
Portland Business Journal
HemCon Eyes New Markets.
Summary: HemCon and Cardinal Health exclusive distribution relationship for push into civilian market.

August 2007
Popular Mechanics
Top 4 New Breakthrough Medical Devices
Summary: the Simplified Automated Ventilator (SAVe) is featured in the review of breakthrough medical devices.

July 2007
The Oregonian
HemCon makes deal with Cardinal Health.
Summary: Local Portland paper with details on the exclusive nationwide hospital coverage distribution agreement with Cardinal Health.

June 2007
Defence News
Shellfish dressings help save soldiers’ lives in Afghanistan.
Summary: A special bandage, partly made from crushed shellfish, is helping to save the lives of badly injured troops and civilians in the deserts of southern Afghanistan. The bandages are put directly into combat wounds and become sticky on contact with blood, helping clots develop and rapidly stopping even severe bleeding - a vital medical capability as rapid blood loss is one of the major causes of combat fatalities.

April 2007
Skin and Allergy News
Military Experts Say Newer Hemostatic Dressings Beat Gauze
Summary: Col. John Holcomb, MC, USA, of the U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research at Fort Sam Houston, Tex., discussed his experience with the HemCon dressing. The HemCon bandage contains the hemostatic agent chitosan, approved by the Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Holcomb noted that although chitosan is derived from purified shrimp shells, it is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction, even in people with seafood allergies.

April 2007
Tusko’s surgery goes well
Summary: Video featuring how HemCon supports Oregon Zoo operation during dental surgery for an elephant at the zoo.

March 2007
Reader’s Digest
Battlefield Advances: Remarkable Innovations in treating injured soldiers will ultimately benefit us all.
Summary: The innovated dressing called the HemCon bandage can staunch a heavily gushing would in 30 seconds and has been shown to stop or reduce 90 percent of combat cases.

February 2007
Made-for-the-military products put brakes on bleeding
Summary: Video highlighting how on-site treatment for severe bleeding has changed little since Roman times. Iraq, Afghanistan wars spurred urgency, helped HemCon grow and save hundreds of lives.

January 2007
CNN: 360 with Anderson Cooper
Company on the Rise
Summary: video featuring the growth of HemCon Medical Technologies and its innovative products.