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If you would like to consider ordering HemCon products, the opportunity is only a click or call away. We have a worldwide distribution network to suit your location and needs.
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Interest in Distribution 

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 U.S. Dental Dressing Distributors

A selection of major distributors to bring your practice what you need. Learn More
 U.S. Dept of Defense Distributors

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 International Distributors

Numerous international partners to bring HemCon to your world. Learn More
HemCon offers worldwide distribution for:
  Surgical products
  Occupational healthcare
  Sports medicine
  Private practice
  Outpatient clinics and centers
  Commercial purchases for KytoStat Bandage 
  (U.S. only)
 U.S. Hospital Distributors

Exclusive distributorship to meet hospital and ambulatory needs. Learn More
 U.S. EMS & 1st Responder Distributors

Availability from a quick-to-respond set of distributors. Learn More
 Become a Distributor

If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please complete and submit a Distributor Application Profile.
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