Our History
HemCon Medical Technologies, Inc. began with funding from the United States Army and access to research by Dr. Kenton Gregory, Dr. Bill Wiesmann, the Oregon Medical Laser Center, and Providence Health Systems. The result was the HemCon® Bandage, which was designed to control life threatening bleeding.
The bandage was ushered through the FDA clearance process in a near-record 48 hours, and was soon deployed on the battlefield. Since then, the bandage has been used extensively and is credited with helping save over 100 lives with no adverse events reported.

In 2005, the Army Surgeon General mandated that any soldier serving in Iraq or Afghanistan will carry at least one HemCon Bandage. This commitment by the U.S. Army is a testament to the efficacy and value of the HemCon Bandage.

HemCon is rapidly changing from a military provider to a broad-based supplier of medical technology. With new products, strong partnerships in distribution, and a world class development team, we will continue to be unwavering in our commitment to innovate in all that we strive to achieve.

Our Mission
HemCon Medical Technologies, Inc., through the use of breakthrough technology and proprietary manufacturing processes, will provide the U.S. Armed Services and its Allies with superior products for severe hemorrhage control while in parallel developing high value added products and applications to serve civilian markets within hospitals, first responders, emergency/trauma and Over the Counter.