Saving Lives and Improving Care Through Creative Solutions
HemCon Medical Technologies, Inc. is a fully integrated medical device company that exists to significantly advance the standard of care in the civilian and Armed Forces markets.  It is with the company’s original credo that HemCon continues to progress within the medical device arena.

HemCon Medical Technologies, Inc. was founded on one simple premise. Save lives.

With an initial foundation in chitosan based hemostatic solutions, we have evolved into a global medical products company encompassing a variety of innovative technologies, platforms and products serving the military, civilian and consumer medical markets.

With a directive on improving patient care, our wholly owned subsidiary, Synpart Ltd., is focused on design, manufacture and distribution of private-label and branded oral care products for customers worldwide.

As a whole, the company works together to offer new and improved solutions to save and improve lives.

In 2001, with funding from the U.S. Army and access to research by Dr. Kenton Gregory, Dr. Bill Wiesmann, the Oregon Medical Laser Center and Providence Health System, HemCon Medical Technologies was established.

The company’s original product, the HemCon® Bandage, was developed to address severe arterial bleeding, the leading cause of battlefield mortality. Its creation represents tremendous innovation for hemostasis and technological advancement over the traditional gauze bandage and tourniquet – a care method used by medics since the Civil War. In 2003, after receiving FDA approval in a near-record 48 hours, the HemCon Bandage was deployed to the battlefield where it remains a top choice hemostat of military forces worldwide.

Building on the success of its original creation, HemCon is now a world leader in advanced chitosan research and development, and continues to expand the application of its use. Today, HemCon develops, manufactures and markets innovative technologies to control bleeding and act as a barrier that may help prevent infection resulting from trauma or surgery. HemCon products are designed for use by military and civilian first responders as well as medical professionals in hospital and clinical settings where rapid control of bleeding is critical. The company also expanded the use of its chitosan technology to over-the-counter applications and offers dental dressings for oral wounds and surgeries.

HemCon’s commitment to innovation has earned numerous accolades, including Frost and Sullivan’s 2006 Technology Innovation of the Year award, a Best of What’s New Award by Popular Science 2003, and a 2007 Tibbetts Award from the Small Business Technology Council. In 2007, HemCon was named to Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500, Entrepreneur magazine’s Hot 500, and Inc. magazine’s list of America’s 500 fastest-growing private companies.  HemCon also participates in a variety of non-profit programs to improve the communities in which we live and work.

HemCon is ISO13485 certified.